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3 Common Auto Transmission Warning Signs

3 Common Auto Transmission Warning Signs

by Lilydale Motors 2021-07-05
The automatic transmission system of a car is one of the advanced systems. Proper care & attention is necessary to ensure long-term functionality. Due to lack of periodic service, the auto transmission system of a car may start showing warning signs after a certain time. Professional car mechanics in Mooroolbark find the following problems associated with your auto car transmission system.
Sensation in gears
The auto transmission system of a car mainly operates due to smooth gear shifting. If you get any kind of grinding or shaking sensation while shifting the gears, there can be a problem. According to the professionals, if you don't take adequate action, you may face a serious issue with your car. To avoid this kind of sensation, you should call the professionals near you. 
Unwanted noise
Last but not the least, getting whining, clunking or humming noise can be a common problem of the auto car transmission system. It mainly occurs due to a lack of periodic car service and maintenance. Transmission fluid failure is also another cause of producing unwanted noise from the system. The transmission fluid mainly keeps the gears smoother. If you don't take care of it, it will lose its functionality after a certain period. To avoid any kind of noise from your car transmission, call the professional car mechanics as early as possible. They will fix the issue and will keep the transmission system smoother. 
Gear slipping
Slipping gears or transmission is one of the common auto transmission problems faced by car owners. Worn out gears are highly responsible for gear slipping. Apart from that, gear slipping issues can also be caused by many other reasons. Basically, the symptoms of this problem mainly appear in different forms. You should call the car mechanic if you experience the following warning signs:
    • Burned or unwanted smells
    • Difficulty switching gears
    • Engine chugs or revs
    • Hard gear shifting
    • Slow, weak or delayed acceleration 
    • Clunking, whining, grinding noises from gears
Apart from that, low or poor quality transmission fluid can also be responsible for gear slipping. Moreover, solenoid problems, regular wear and tear & torque converter issues may cause this problem. However, ontime service and proper maintenance can help to fix this problem & to provide you smooth gear shifting.
Auto transmission is an advanced system. It is highly advantageous and smoother than the manual transmission system. But proper maintenance is extremely important to keep the entire system completely flawless. If you find any issue, don't forget to call an expert near you.
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