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Authentic Service Center in Lilydale for Car Repairing and Servicing

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Over the last 15 years, Lilydale Motors has become the renowned automotive repairs shop, due to our user-friendly car services at budget-friendly rates. Being a locally owned and operated company, we are popular for supplying the best quality automotive repair service to our customers. Although we are conveniently located car service center in Lilydale yet we serve the vehicle owners at Mooroolbark and Chirnside Park.

Our workshop is near public transport. Having more than 30 years of automotive industry experience, Lilydale Motors owners Stuart and Lesser have deep knowledge about old and new cars, 4WDs, Diesel, LPG, and petrol. We aim at 100% customer satisfaction and vehicle safetywith quality workmanship, and constantly update ourselves with the ever-changing technology in the automotive industry. Our mechanics have made us a renowned car service centreby continuously strengthening themselves using the updated diagnostic equipment.

Since we are the best car service centrefor car owners, we are ready to conduct minor and major services, pre-purchase inspections, logbook servicing, 4WD pre-tip maintenance, and service to keep the clients' classic cars running. We are licensed as VICRoad Roadworthy Tester. Our chief service areas are brake and clutch repairs, engine tuning, battery testing, cooling system repairs, EFI Diagnosis, steering and suspension, and mechanical repairs. Before doing extra repair works, we always take permission of our clients.

Special Offers
  • Free battery test with every service
  • Free wheel rotation with every service
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Why Choose Us

  • Expert Mechanics

    Expert Mechanics

  • Reasonable Price

    Reasonable Price

  • Trusted by 5000 Clients

    Trusted by 5000 Clients

  • We Repair All Makes And Models

    We Repair All Makes And Models

  • VACC approved repairer

    VACC approved repairer

  • VicRoads Licensed vehicle tester

    VicRoads Licensed vehicle tester

  • Prompted service

    Prompted service

  • Customer Drop off & pick up within local area

    Customer Drop off & pick up within local area

Services We provide

  • Cooling System Repairs
    Cooling System Repairs

    Cooling System Repairs

    Does the cooling system of your car feel like it’s under extensive duress? At Lilydale Motors, we provide competent, cost-effective & reliable cooling system repairs in Lilydale, Chirnside Park & Mooroolbark, as we know how disappointing it can be to see the temperature gauge on hot, steam coming out from under the bonnet or a pool of fluid beneath your vehicle. 

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  • Brake and clutch repairs
    Brake and clutch repairs

    Brake and clutch repairs

    Is your vehicle's clutch slipping, grabbing or hard to get into gear? If your answer is yes, then you may have a fault with your clutch system. Does your steering wheel shake or brake pedal pulsate when braking? This could be because of warped brake disc rotors. 

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  • Engine tuning
    Engine tuning

    Engine tuning

    There are various reasons as to why engine tuning can be necessary for your valuable vehicle. In case you have a diesel or petrol engine, dirty injectors present in it can bring down its performance in terms of economy & power. A buildup of carbon in the EFI can have the same effect. On the other hand, the engine can take serious damage if the timing chain or belt becomes worn. 

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  • Logbook Servicing
    Logbook Servicing

    Logbook Servicing

    The logbook of a vehicle serves as a guide supplied by its manufacturer and contains information pertaining to the suggested or specified service requisites. Thus,logbook servicing means performing extensive maintenance assessment of a vehicle as per the logbook. It can aid significantly in maintaining resale value of an automobile, increasing its lifespan and keeping its warranty untainted. 

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  • Fleet Servicing
    Fleet Servicing

    Fleet Servicing

    If you own a fleet of vehicles in Lilydale, Mooroolbark, Chirnside Park or the surrounding Yarra Valley area, Lilydale Motors can help you with all kinds of servicing requirements. Keep the wheels of your business rolling with reliable & efficient fleet servicing from us. 
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  • Fuel Injection Repairs
    Fuel Injection Repairs

    Fuel Injection Repairs

    Fuel injection forms the basis of every modern-day car’s engine, and is controlled via computers in several ways like adaptive, direct, mechanical and sequential. But one thing is true for every fuel injection system - it starts collecting contaminants in its filter with passage of time, which makes the fuel spray pattern irregular. Another way the fuel system creates problems is by filling your car with contaminated fuel. 

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