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Fuel Injection Repairs

Fuel Injection Repairs

Fuel injection forms the basis of every modern-day car’s engine, and is controlled via computers in several ways like adaptive, direct, mechanical and sequential. But one thing is true for every fuel injection system - it starts collecting contaminants in its filter with passage of time, which makes the fuel spray pattern irregular. Another way the fuel system creates problems is by filling your car with contaminated fuel. 
Once pollutants like carbon deposits, varnishes and dirt form buildups in the fuel system or combustion areas, they can significantly bring down the performance of your vehicle. And if not removed in time, the same buildups can lead you to dish out lump sums on expensive repairs. 
At Lilydale Motors we can test the complete fuel system beginning right from fuel pump to the fuel injectors. We have our own fuel injector test bench to test fuel flow, spray pattern and volume off the car. If the fuel injectors are contaminated, we would clean them in our ultrasonic cleaner before re-testing them on the test bench. Our fuel injection repairs are designed to remove contaminants from a car engine’s injection system and restore fuel efficiency as well as spray pattern within the least time possible. 
So if your car has poor acceleration, lacks power, suffers from engine pinging, stalls repeatedly or has low fuel economy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 
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