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Brake and clutch repairs

Brake and clutch repairs

Is your vehicle's clutch slipping, grabbing or hard to get into gear? If your answer is yes, then you may have a fault with your clutch system. Does your steering wheel shake or brake pedal pulsate when braking? This could be because of warped brake disc rotors. 
The braking system and clutch of a vehicle play an important role in ensuring its safety. They are substantially essential to its hassle-free operation by allowing you to rapidly respond to various situations on the road. Therefore, inspecting these two components on a regular basis is critical. 
Our experts at Lilydale Motors are adequately equipped to diagnose a vehicle's brake or clutch system precisely. Not only would we effectively identify the root source of the problem, but also clean, repair & lubricate each and every part properly to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We can also provide machine brake disc rotors and brake drums in-house on our brake lathe, service brake calipers and replace worn out brake components. Our mechanics have all kinds of solutions for brake repairs & clutch repairs in Lilydale and Chirnside Park.
In other words, we would follow an extensive approach in order to provide long-term brake & clutch repair solutions for your vehicle. So why not give a call to our expert team today? 
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