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5 Essential Tyre Care Tips from The Mechanic Of Lilydale Motors 

5 Essential Tyre Care Tips from The Mechanic Of Lilydale Motors 

For any car, certain parts are most important for its function. One will be its engine and the other is none other than the wheels. In this discussion, we will be focusing on the other part i.e. wheel or to be more specific, the rubbery tyres. To ensure your tyres operate smoothly and your car can run without any problem, you need to maintain your tyres. As per the mechanic in Mooroolbark, here are some 5 essential tips that you can follow to maintain the quality of your tyre:

Top 5 Tyre Care Tips From Lilydale Motors:

When you take good care of your tyre, you can expect the tyre to cover a long distance. The tip to maintaining your tyre is not that difficult. Mooroolbark’s best mechanics here in Lilydale Motors have some tips for you that you can follow to maintain the quality of your tyre. Here are 10 such tips which you need to follow to maintain your tyre:

1. Checking The Pressure Of Your Tyre:

For the car’s safety, checking the pressure of your tyre is quite important. Your tyres need to maintain the recommended pressure. The ideal tyre pressure helps you to smoothly operate your car. Air pressure on your car tyre supports the load, grips the road and absorbs the shock as well. Maintaining an ideal tyre pressure also helps to improve the driving experience, safety quotient and fuel efficiency. A low level of air pressure in your tyre can lead to problems like tyre bursting or losing the stability of the car. On the other hand, overly inflated car tyres can also pose problems, such as lower levels of shock absorption which can result in rough rides. This is why, the best mechanics in Mooroolbark, here at Lilydale Motors, suggest you keep a check on tyre pressure and maintain an optimum level of pressure for a smooth ride. You can keep a tyre pressure gauge to check the air pressure level in your car’s tyre.

2. Checking The Depth Of Tyre Thread:

The tyre threads of the tyre mean the grip marks that you see running across your tyre. The depth of these tyre marks helps to provide stability for the car in rough terrains. The groove of the tyre helps to keep your tyre running in all conditions. However, after you have driven a longer distance and covered good kilometres, then you need to check the tyre threads. The tyre threads tend to wear off after going a few kilometres. This is why, you need to check the depth of the thread. If the threads’ groove drops below 1.6mm then you need to replace your tyre. You can get the help of a mechanic in Mooroolbark to see the tyre depth. If the depth is below 1.6mm, the expert mechanic at Lilydale Motors can help you replace them as well.

3. Alignment Of The Tyre:

When it comes to tyre maintenance, the question of tyre alignment is quite crucial. In the alignment process, the angles of the wheel are adjusted to provide the car with maximum stability and comfort. When the wheels of your tyres are out of balance, it is prone to damage and also quite poor handling in wet conditions. In the worst situation, it can go completely off balance. Some initial signs can help you understand that the car’s balance is off, such as undue vibration of the steering wheels, seat and floorboard. Tyre maintenance can help you target this problem and help you fix this problem.

4. Tyre Rotation:

Regular tyre rotation is required for several reasons. First, it encourages even tyre wear. This is crucial because uneven tyre wear can cause a range of problems, including reduced fuel efficiency and increased tyre noise. Additionally, rotating your tyres regularly may help to lengthen their lifespan. By evenly spreading wear and strain, you may avoid generating weak places in the tread that are more susceptible to damage. Finally, tyre rotation may improve your vehicle's handling. Keeping all four tyres in excellent condition will help your car stay steady on the road.

5. Changing The Tyres Of Your Car At Timely Intervals:

When it comes to tyre maintenance, a key aspect of it is changing the pressure of your tyre at timely intervals. The expert mechanics in Mooroolbark suggest that you must get your car’s tyres changed within 6-10 years. Even in that range, you can see 6 being the ideal number of years and 10 being the extreme limit. You shouldn’t push the limit beyond that. If your car tyre needs to be changed due to any fault, then do it as soon as possible without waiting for the 6-10-year mark. You can reach out to a mechanic at Lilydale Motors, the best bunch of mechanics in Mooroolbark, to replace the tyres.
These are some of the tips given by mechanics in Mooroolbark to help you maintain your car’s tyre. It will ultimately help you drive on the road smoothly without trouble. To drive your car smoothly on the road, do not forget to take proper care of the car’s tyres. 
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