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5 Signs Your Car’s Brake Is Under Stress

5 Signs Your Car’s Brake Is Under Stress

by Lilydale Motors 2022-09-20
Brakes are one of the key elements of a car. The brake helps to put a halt on the acceleration of the car. If the brakes of the car are not working in their rightful condition, it can put the driver and the passenger at potential risk of an accident. Thus, keeping the brake in proper working condition all the time is necessary to mitigate the risk of a potential accident. Getting the brakes of your car thoroughly checked by a mechanic in your area is very important. In Mooroolbark, there are plenty of mechanics, who can help you easily solve car brake issues. But how do you read the signs that the brake of your car is under stress? Let’s see the five most common signs that signify your car’s brake is under stress.
The Check Brake Light is On:
When the brake light indicator that is located on your car’s dashboard is on, it means that routine maintenance is due or that there is a potential problem. It should be taken into consideration that the parking brake in some vehicles can cause this. Examine whether the alert turns off after you release the parking brake. But if it does not turns off, then it is a good idea to get the car checked by a car mechanic in Mooroolbark, to solve any underlying problem that is causing the alert lights on.
Unusual Vibration:
When you press on the brakes, your steering wheel or vehicle may shake or vibrate due to uneven rotor thickness. Brake rotors are large discs located inside the wheels. The brake pads press against the rotors when you apply the brakes, preventing the wheels from spinning. Over time, the rotor surface will wear down and become uneven. When you apply the brakes, the braking friction transfers pad material to the rotor surface. When braking, vibration may occur if the pad material transfers unevenly. If the material is left uneven, it will continue to build on the uneven spots, exacerbating the problem. When getting your car including the brakes serviced by a mechanic in Mooroolbark, the face of the rotor should be smoothened out to correct flaws and prevent the vibration to start when you hit the brake. If the rotors are beyond repair, they must be replaced.
Soft Breaks:
When driving a car and you hit the brake, you feel a certain level of resistance, which is completely normal. In case, you feel the absence of such resistance or the brake hits the floorboard, it indicates a problem in your car’s brake system. It can either be caused by either trapped moisture or some underlying problem in the master cylinder. Whenever you face such a situation, contact your nearest car mechanic in Mooroolbark.
A Burning Smell:
Like the other parts of your car, the brake system of your car can also overheat and exhaust. If you can smell a burning odour coming from your car’s brake then you must get your car to the nearest mechanic in your area like Mooroolbark. If you avoid this particular problem, it can lead to failure or brake which will inevitably lead to a big accident.
Fluid Leakage:
When you press on the brakes, many things can happen at once. A critical component of the process is the use of brake fluid to generate hydraulic pressure against the brake calliper. If your vehicle lacks brake fluid, you will be unable to stop safely. This can cause accidents, thus, it is important to get your car’s brake checked by a mechanic in your vicinity like Mooroolbark.
These are some of the signs that indicated there is something wrong with the braking system of the car. When this problem goes unchecked for a long time, it can land you in a terrible accident. Thus, whenever you feel you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems, get your car checked by a good mechanic in Mooroolbark.
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