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All That You Want To Know About A Roadworthy Certificate

All That You Want To Know About A Roadworthy Certificate

by Lilydale Motors 2019-07-09

Do you know what is a Roadworthy Certificate? You can get a detailed idea about it if you go through this write-up.

Roadworthy or a Certificate of Roadworthiness shows that your vehicle is safe enough to be used on the public roads. It is needed when a vehicle is sold, at the time of its re-registration and to clear a few of the defect notices. It is important to keep in mind that Roadworthy isn't a guarantee that a vehicle is reliable mechanically, it only shows that it is quite safe to be driven. However, some vehicles do not need a Roadworthy Certificate.

What Does the Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) Inspection Cover? 

What is exactly checked?

Roadworthy inspection is basically a check of the vehicle to ensure that the main components are certainly in good condition for safe use on the road. It typically includes: 
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Suspensions, steering & braking systems 
  • Lights & reflectors
  • Seats & seatbelts
  • Windscreen and windows, which include washers and front wipers
  • Vehicle structure
  • All other kinds of safety items on the vehicle's body, engine or chassis

What is not checked? 

A roadworthy test is actually not a check of the mechanical reliability of the vehicle or its general condition. A Roadworthy Certificate doesn't mean that: 
  • Non-safety accessories like an air conditioner, electric windows, rear-window wipers and rear window demister are working 
  • The vehicle is in its best condition without any deterioration or wear 
  • The items that are checked at the time of the roadworthy inspection is going to function even after the inspection e.g. a brake light may stop to function any time after being inspected
  • The vehicle complies with all the ADRs (Australian Design Rules)

What if you need a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle? 

If you need a comprehensive check on the reliability and overall condition of your vehicle, then you must arrange for a separate vehicle inspection service

Getting A Roadworthy Certificate in Lilydale 

Who issues Roadworthy Certificates in Lilydale?

A Roadworthy Certificate can be issued in Lilydale only when a licensed vehicle tester who operates from a nominated service station or garage believes that the vehicle is fit to be used on the road. The certificate can be issued only when a vehicle passes the roadworthy inspection. 

How long the Certificate remains current?

A Certificate of Roadworthiness is considered to be 'current' for 30 days from the date of the issue of the certificate. However, this doesn't mean that a vehicle having a roadworthy certificate will surely continue to be in a roadworthy condition for these thirty days. 

The expense of getting a roadworthy

The cost of a certificate may depend on the type, age and condition of the vehicle. 
Get in touch with Lilydale Motors if you need a Certificate of Roadworthiness in Lilydale. Lilydale Motors is a licensed vehicle tester and can help you get your certificate at a very affordable price. 
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