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Car Air Filter Maintenance: A Vital Car Service Schedule Not To Overlook

Car Air Filter Maintenance: A Vital Car Service Schedule Not To Overlook

by Lilydale Motors 2023-09-11

Save your car from being damaged by poor air quality! The engine will go down the hill with the interplay of dust and dirt. Needless to mention the poor fuel economy is for certain. Your car's filter has an important role to sustain the wheel's health.

Keep in mind maintaining the car filter is an important car service for every car owner in Lilydale to ensure the car air filter as well as the car in peak performance.  



How Are Car Filters Cleaned?

A dark-looking or discolored air filter either on the outside or on the inner folds of the filter paper means it has been clogged by dirt and dust. Time to clean!

However, a few air filters which are impossible to clean should be replaced by professional help. But you will have to check your owner's manual or the local car service center in Lilydale before taking charge of DIY cleaning.

The professionals have their own way of cleaning the car air filter –  

i. Gathering The Necessary Tools

These are what the car service specialists use –

  • · A bucket of warm water
  • · A mild detergent mixed in warm water
  • · A soft brush
  • · Compressed air
  • · Microfiber cloth
  • · Clean dry towel
  • · Gloves for protecting hands

ii. Locating the Air Filter

If needed, the car service specialists even refer to the owner's manual if they did not find the air filter located in a box on the engine's top.

iii. Removing the Air Filter

They release the clips or latches to remove the air filter cover. Next, they carefully take the air filter out of its housing.

iv. Cleaning Method 1

By using a soft brush or microfiber cloth, they remove the loose dirt and debris gently from the filter. Either by using compressed air or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, the cleaning can be fulfilled.

v. Cleaning Method 2

A vacuum or brush is insufficient when the air filter is extremely dirty. Then, it is swirled through the water, and debris is removed manually. It is completely dried and then reinstalled to keep the engine issues at bay.

When Should Car Air Filters Be Replaced?

Regardless of driving your car infrequently, the car air filter would not be long-lasting. Once the air filters start appearing brittle, damaged, or ripped – then they should be replaced. It might not come to your notice, but won't escape the car service specialists' eyes when they are doing the regular servicing.

How the Car Air Filters Are Changed In A Car?

Your car needs the right air filter matching its make and model. So, going by the owner's manual is a must to be sure which type is needed. Once the right air filter has been secured, then the air filter housing is located near the engine's top. After that the cover is removed, the old filter unclipped and the new filter is aligned in the housing. The box is cleaned using a dry, clean rag in between.

How Often Should the Air Filters Be Changed In A Car?

The frequency of changing the air filter in a car depends on the car's make and model and definitely how the car is driven. On average, most car owners of Lilydale can drive for a year or two, or cover 10,000km to 15,000 km, without having to change the filter. But if you are involved in too much off-road driving in extreme heat or dust, then the car filter should be changed sooner.

The car service specialists are there to help you when your car's air filters reach the condition when it needs a change.

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