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Car Servicing and Maintenance Checklist To Ensure Car Health

Car Servicing and Maintenance Checklist To Ensure Car Health

by Lilydale Motors 2022-11-15

At every car service centre, the car mechanics combine car maintenance and auto repairs for providing car service. At the time of routine car service, the automotive technicians conduct a check of the core vehicle components and make a note of their conditions in their assessment report.

Changing or replacing worn–out parts are even included in the car service.

The Different Types of Car Services and Maintenance Done at the Car Service Center

Interim, Full and Major Car Services are done at the car service centres.

Car checking is common among the three, but the difference is marked by the checking done for the number of car parts and how often each service type is carried out.

a. Interim Car Service

  • Performed every 6 months or else after the car reaches 6,000 miles.

  • The items the car mechanics check for interim or routine car service, they check the same during full car service.

b. Full Car Service

  • Performed at least once a year, or else after the car reaches 12,000 miles.

  • This car service bridges the gap between interim (the basic) and major (the extensive).

c. Major Car Service

  • Performed every 2 years or after the car reaches 24,000 miles.

  • If the vehicles have not been regularly checked, maintained or serviced for a certain time, then major car service should be done.

Car Service + Car Maintenance Checklist

Regular car servicing and maintenance enables reliable and safer drives and lesser expensive repairs.

So, a car must never be deprived of its needed car maintenance and servicing.

Take it to the car service centre once it asks for the upkeep.

Here is the car service and car maintenance checklist.

1. Oil + Coolant Levels

The engine is posed risks with low oil and coolant levels.

The mechanics monitor and record the level while servicing to ensure their statistics.

2. Air Filters

Air filters regulate the airflow through the engine while keeping out debris and particulate matter.

A properly flowing air filter improves fuel economy, decreases emissions and extends the engine lifecycle.

So, it should be replaced once annually.

3. Tyre Pressure + Tread Depth

Safe rides are the result of well-maintained tyres.

The car mechanics monitor the tyre pressure and tread depth. It should be checked once per month.

4. Tyre Rotation + Wheel Alignment

Typically, the tread wear patterns vary between front and rear tyres.

While conducting scheduled service, the mechanics rotate the tyre for service life extension through tread wear balance.

Noise and vibration issues are prevented.

5. Indicators, Headlights, Parking Lights and Brakes

Lights should properly function for all round road safety.

6. Transmission Fluid

The moving parts inside the transmission function properly with the transmission fluid. The car mechanics follow the recommendations of car manufacturers while changing the transmission fluid.

7. Shocks + Struts

A car's rebound is controlled by the shocks and struts control when it is driven over bumps in the road. Being integral to the steering system, these are generally replaced every 50,000 kms. During each scheduled service, they are inspected for ensuring they are in check.

8. Spark Plugs

Vehicles start with the spark plugs which ignite the gas and air mixture, thereby powering the car for the engine to run at its optimal capacity.

9. Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers need annual replacement, before winter sets in. They harden over the warmer months.

10. Battery Checks + Replacements

A car runs on the car battery. The mechanics check the battery during service and replace them accordingly.

By maintaining the car servicing and maintenance schedule, the car's life extends. Any unwanted breakdowns or expensive repairs are avoided. Give the best to your car at Lilydale Motors.

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