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Common 4WD Problems You’re Most Likely to Encounter

Common 4WD Problems You’re Most Likely to Encounter

by Lilydale Motors 2021-11-03
4WD is a modern automobile technology that stands for 4 wheel drive. This technology is advanced from traditional 2WD as this is perfect for off-roading. 4WD vehicles utilise more power to achieve better traction on rough terrains. However, due to lack of maintenance and heavy use, these vehicles may start creating problems frequently. Problems generally arise from the 4WD vehicle components, whether it’s braking system or engine. In this blog, we will discuss 4 common problems mostly faced by 4WD owners.
Braking problems
Whether it’s a 4WD vehicle or 2WD, the braking system is one of the important parts of any vehicle. It mainly comes with several components & semi components like callipers, levers, brake pedals, brake pads, brake fluid, discs or drums, etc. Due to lack of care and maintenance, the components of the 4WD braking system may start arising problems frequently. Worn out brake pads and brake levers may lead to serious accidents. To troubleshoot them, you need to call professional 4WD mechanics in Lilydale.
Car sensor problems
Modern 4WD vehicles come with several types of sensors including mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensor, MAF or manifold absolute pressure sensor, spark knock sensor, engine speed sensor, coolant sensor, voltage sensor, fuel temperature sensor, etc. Sometimes, these sensors stop working properly. Modern 4WD sensors can be repaired and replaced by advanced diagnostic tools. Professional car mechanics in Lilydale specialise in operating these tools and finding the actual problems.
Engine repairs
Due to lack of maintenance and servicing, a 4WD engine may start showing warning signs. As the result, the 4WD owners face the following problems with their car engines.
• Overheating
• Engine misfiring
• Lower fuel economy
• Blocked or faulty fuel filter
• Broken ignition switch
• Dirty fuel injectors.
• Unwanted noise
• Alternator issues
• Defective starter motor
Fuel injection repairs
Last but not the least, the fuel injection system of a 4WD vehicle may start showing several warning signs. Problems you may face include:
• Clogged injectors
• Worn out fuel injector
• Misfiring
• Improper ignition
These problems are common. Expert mechanics recommend periodic maintenance and general 4WD repairs to fix the car problems.
These are the general problems that can be repaired easily. For general maintenance and repair, you need to visit reputable 4WD workshops near you. Professional car mechanics assure guaranteed services with complete satisfaction.
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