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Components of a Car’s Brake System And How a Mechanic Repairs Them- Part II

Components of a Car’s Brake System And How a Mechanic Repairs Them- Part II

In automobile, a car braking system consists of many components. Every components play a vital role to control your car speed and save from any obstacle on road. We have briefly discussed two major brake components at our previous blog named “Components of a Car’s Brake System And How a Mechanic Repairs Them- Part I”. Here you will know the other components of car braking system and their repairing that are followed by a mechanic in Mooroolbark.
Drum brake
Drum brake is another major part of the car brake assembly. It is generally fitted at the rear wheels of a car. A drum brake is catagorised into four different components. They include, backing plate, drum, brake shoe and wheel cylinder. Drum is generally made of cast iron. It is very wear-resistant and heat-conductive. Drum can rotate with axle and wheel. When your car’s drum brakes get damaged due to any internal or external issues then it should be repaired by following steps.
Step 1: Remove the rear wheels first and detach the drum brakes.
Step 2: Remove drum from the brake
Step 3: Wash the brake assembly.
Step 4: Inspect the brakes and open the assembly. 
Step 5: Detach the drum shoes. Lubricate and clean the backing plate.
Step 6: Install the new brake-shoes onto the brake hub.
Step 7: Reinstall the brake springs and down pins
Step 8: Fit the drums over the brake assembly
Brake callipers
Brake calliper is the main part of a disk brake. It is generally made of chrome-plated steel or aluminium. Brake calliper is classified into two types. They are fixed calliper and floating calliper. Fixed callipers are more expensive as compared to the floating callipers. They hold the brake pad and piston. The working principle of a car brake calliper is simple. When the pedal is pushed, the brake fluid starts creating pressure on the pistons in the callipers. These components are generally connected to the car’s master-cylinder trough hoses, tubes and valves. Calliper becomes rusty over time. It needs to be repaired after certain period of time. A car mechanic repairs it by following steps.
Step 1: Lift the car by using a jack.
Step 2: Detach calliper from the disks
Step 3: Remove the Piston by using the brake pressure
Step 4: Remove all kind of old seals and wash the calliper properly
Step 5: Fit the seals and new pistons
All the braking components should be repaired a proper car service. Repairing helps to extend the like of your car brake components.
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