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How To Keep Your 4WD Always Off-Road Ready in Lilydale?

How To Keep Your 4WD Always Off-Road Ready in Lilydale?

by Lilydale Motors 2023-12-13

When you get a 4WD car, it can be assumed that you would love to hit those dirty and muddy roads. But getting a 4WD is not enough. You first need to take good care of the 4WD to keep it in pristine condition.

Here’s what 4WD mechanics in Lilydale ask you to do always keep your 4WD tough terrain ready-

Regular Maintenance:

Like all automobile, your 4WD also need regular maintenance and care to work efficiently on tough terrain. Regular maintenance can help with the long life of your 4WD. While we are on the topic of regular maintenance people think there is only regular or annual servicing that they need to think about. Along with regular maintenance, 4WD mechanics in Lilydale also stress on major and minor servicing. The major servicing includes a comprehensive check of the 4WD which may be conducted following the logbook. Whereas, the minor servicing may focus on the relatively smaller components, such as oil and filter change. It will help you keep your 4WD in its best shape and ready to hit tough terrain.


Your 4WD is a big machine with many parts. Each part of the car needs to work efficiently to keep the car in the best condition to scale tough terrains. Several parts of the car mechanics have some fluid to either lubricate the part or keep it cool. When there is a leak in the 4WD or fluid has aged, it can affect the quality of the 4WD. Thus, you need to check the condition of these fluids before kick-starting the 4WD. They may include engine oil, radiator coolant, windscreen washing fluid, brake fluid, clutch fluid and more!


When you are planning to hit those tough terrain, it can be difficult to do so with the wrong tyres. Before you hit those roads, you need to ensure the quality of the tyre is in good condition. Check the pressure of the tyre and signs of slashes. When the pressure of your tyre is not in its best condition, it can be difficult for you to drive your 4WD car. If you see the pressure of your car tyre dropping the normal pressure or in bad shape, then get it changed by a 4WD mechanic. 

Engine Air Filters:

It is common for the engine air filters to get clogged by dust and dirt. Therefore, before you are hitting dusty and dirty terrains, you need to ensure your 4WD engine air filters are all clean. Otherwise, it can create problems for your car engine and affect its performance. Thus, before hitting those dusty and dirty roads, you need to ensure the quality of your car engine’s air filters has been cleaned by a 4WD specialist mechanic in Lilydale.

These are some of the matters that you need to check or get checked by a 4WD car mechanic in Lilydale to ensure your 4WD is always ready to hit the road. So, when are you planning or hitting to rugged roads and tough terrains? 

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