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How to Stay Safe in this Global Crisis?

How to Stay Safe in this Global Crisis?

by Lilydale Motors: 2020-04-21
The global pandemic, COVID-19 has had a profound impact across Australia. Till now, more than 6000 cases have been found around the country. Millions of people have been totally placed under lockdown for stopping this pandemic. Shops, restaurants, industries, tourist spots, and markets are completely restricted. In this circumstance, this is necessary to stay at home and let's pray for the front-liners who are working for us. They are still fighting against the Novel Coronavirus to save our beautiful Australia. This blog mainly focuses on how to stay safe and sanitized in this global crisis.
Wash & sanitise your hands frequently:
Nowadays, cleaning & sanitization are the most powerful weapons. They help to keep us away from the deadly Coronavirus. So, frequently try to wash & sanitize your hands. Apart from that, clean your towel and handkerchief by using the warm water solution. 
Maintain the social distance:
Social distancing is another major thing that you should definitely consider in this crisis. Obviously, it's quite difficult to keep maintaining distance with people socially but as an initiative to save the country, you have to follow this. Otherwise, the entire mankind can be destroyed.
Keep your property clean:
Nowadays, staying at home is not only necessary but keeping the property clean is also equally essential. So, try to clean up your room, regularly vacuum your carpets, deeply wash the dirty upholstery, mop the floors & walls properly, etc. This will help to keep your room environment clean & fresh.
Clean your outdoor:
Last but not the least, you need to give special attention to the outdoor area of your property. You should maintain the garden, clean the garden, wash the fences properly. You should also keep your garage clean and organized.
How do we help you?
We know the present situation is extremely bad, that's why our team at Lilydale Motors is ready to serve their duty for the people. Everybody knows the necessity of a car in our life. So, we are open to those people who are driving their cars for any special reason. This is because a car needs roadside assistance or repair any time. Our professional car mechanic team is always ready for instant car repair service in Mooroolbark. Apart from that, we are also open to our existing customers. Our entire service team is still working hard to provide the best service without compromising the quality.
You can stop this global pandemic if you stay at home, maintain the social distance and keep yourself clean. We are open to you. If your car needs repair, call us anytime. We will help you with our best service.
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