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How Will the Lockdown Affect the Diesel Cars and Put the DPFs at Failures?

How Will the Lockdown Affect the Diesel Cars and Put the DPFs at Failures?

by Lilydale Motors 2020-07-06
In order to curb the spread of the disastrous Coronavirus, the Government of Mooroolbark has advised everyone to stay at home and to take only necessary journeys. But if you own a diesel-engine car, then in all possibilities you might run to the Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF when the lockdown rages on at present when you are using your cars for making short journeys.
How does the DPF work?
The DPF belongs to the emissions control system on several Diesel cars and controls soot that is passing on into the environment. As a result, Diesel becomes highly eco-friendly. As the DPF stocks are driven up with soot, it needs to be burnt off for the purpose of regenerating the system.
One of the easiest ways for describing this is by considering this filter canister similar to a fireplace. When the woods are piled together and once it comes near the top, it is time for the fire to burn. Now, in a similar vein, the DPF is responsible for stacking up with the soot particles, nevertheless, it has to be burned out.
These should only take place under specific conditions. The amount of DPF collected should be over a certain percentage, the engine must be at an optimum temperature. Even it has to be over a particular speed at a continuous-time.
But, unfortunately, when the cars are used for a short journey, then the system's proper regeneration is prevented. Such a regeneration criterion simple does not meet and the DPF becomes extremely full and is blocked.
How to Detect a DPF Issue?
After driving for short distances, and not giving the diesel-engine car the much needed long run, then in all probability, the DPF warning sign is going to come upon the dashboard. The sign is to advise you that the DPF is blocked and it needs urgent attention. 
How to Fix the DPF Issues?
Generally, the DPF can be cleared by the quick blast at the right spot on the motorway, but since the Government has made it compulsory for staying at home and not going anywhere further, you have to restrict yourself from going on a jolly ride up the motorway for clearing the system at this very moment.  No matter how important it is, it will never be accepted as a valid cause to make a trip out.
However, the professional mechanics in Mooroolbark can rightly guide you with the apt solution to be conducted at your home instead. You need not come out of the home. Once you consult the car mechanics, they will clearly guide you with the process termed as Forced Regeneration. It is done by means of the diagnostics system on the car. Although the trained mechanics are the right ones to handle it better yet they can guide you rightly. But the best decision is to call the mechanics at home who will even bring their specific equipment for getting the task done.
Whenever you find the DPF is causing problems, do not waste a moment. Immediately call up the expert mechanics who can explain everything in layman’s terms and give you authentic advice.  Even depending on the situation, they shall even make a visit to solve the matter.
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