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Quick Guide To Check If Your Car Is Roadworthy

Quick Guide To Check If Your Car Is Roadworthy

by Lilydale Motors 2022-07-14
If you’re planning to sell your car or not, it is always a good idea to check if your car complies with the Roadworthy parameter set by Victoria. Although the certification can only be issued by a certified authority, you can check the condition of your vehicle yourself. Although not everything on an automobile is easily visible, there are always certain elements that are. The key to identifying them is knowing where to look. We've listed some of the simplest ways to check for yourself if your car is Roadworthy in Lilydale or not in different categories. That way, no matter what circumstance you're in while examining the roadworthiness of a car, you'll have a good understanding of what to look for. 
Easy Checks:
Let’s start with easy checks for roadworthy testing in Lilydale first:
It should go without saying that lights are essential for safety. Every light on your car performs an important function. You must ensure that your headlights, indicators, brake lights, reverse lights, and fog lights are all working properly. In case any light is not blown out or not in proper working condition, get it fixed quickly from any mechanic in Lilydale with easy road-worthy certification clearance.
The condition of brakes – hand brake and peddle brake - is essential for a car’s safety purposes. Thus, if you feel there’s something off about your brake system, then get it fixed by a good mechanic in Lilydale. Otherwise, when going for a roadworthy certification anywhere in Victoria like Lilydale or anywhere else, it can cause a huge hindrance in getting your car cleared.
Ahead of going a roadworthy inspection, it is a must to get your car’s tyres checked. Tyre in proper condition is one important parameter of Roadworthy certification. Worn tyres pose a severe accident risk since they lose grip on the road, and they're easy to identify and, more importantly, expensive to repair.
Hard Check:
Unlike easy checks, these hard checks require a professional to do it for procuring a roadworthy certification.
Battery health:
The state of a vehicle's battery is responsible for a lot more than most people realise. The whole electrical system in your car is dependent on your battery remaining functional and effective after the initial activation. Everything from your windows to your radio to your lights is powered by it. This is especially critical for vehicles that have been underutilised or improperly maintained for an extended period of time, as is frequently the case when purchasing old vehicles. You should take a close look to see if you can see any indicators of a faulty battery and test it to ensure it operates properly without displaying any warning lights. If there’s any fault in the car’s battery, it must be addressed quickly by a professional to attain a roadworthy certification in Lilydale.
Steering Wheel:
The condition of the steering wheel plays an important part in checking if your car is roadworthy and competent in Lilydale or not. If the steering wheel feels too difficult to steer then it must be checked thoroughly. As most older cars’ tend to have a traditional steering wheel design which must be checked to see if it is actually in working condition by a mechanic.
After testing all these signs and more an old car is given roadworthy certification by an issuing authority in Lilydale and other cities of Victoria. If an old car is not accredited with roadworthy certification, reselling such a car is not possible.
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