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The Marked Secrets Ruling the Servicing for New Car Warranty

The Marked Secrets Ruling the Servicing for New Car Warranty

by Lilydale Motors 2021-02-09
The modern-day new cars are faster than the earlier makes and models, being born out of evolving technologies and consumers' high demands. As the newly designed and developed cars are expensive, so they are regarded as the second investment assets after their homes. Thus, it is quite evident for the customers that they will want to derive maximum benefits out of car purchase, and the warranty is even included in it.
Dealers often tend to be misleading when the new car warranty is concerned. Unknowingly, many people become victims because of their less knowledge and the car dealers will leave behind no stone unturned to take advantage of it. Now this area includes the differences between the Extended Warranty and New Car Warranty.
The car mechanics always emphasize that no one should ever mix up these two concepts as it will be much expensive in the near future. You could have to sign a lot of paperwork, but you have to surely read everything in detail before using your pen on the papers.
The standard manufacturer's warranty meant for the new care is stated as the New Car Warranty. You need to adhere to the manufacturers' warranty to handle certain conditions. The professional car mechanics are indeed your well-wishers and they always advise the purchased car should be serviced as per its service schedule, which is mentioned in your car servicing logbook.
During the car purchase, in case the dealer says, you might void your New Car Warranty if you are getting your new car serviced from others other than the dealership. They are completely wrong! You have all the rights to service your car by the certified car mechanics from a reputed servicing center in Lilydale, and definitely retain your New Car Warranty. If the dealer states any statement, then it becomes illegal and will be considered causing a breach of the consumer rights.
When the New Car Warranty of the car is getting transferred to the Extended Warranty, then it is the right time for getting the car serviced by the dealer. Extended Warranty denotes the additional warranty you are receiving at the time of purchasing your car.
New Car Warranty servicing and logbook servicing are similar, only they bear different names and conditions. Manufacture approved genuine parts should be used and a schedule should be followed with the car servicing being due. Thus the manufacturers can ensure the product’s correct performance and for your overall safety on the road.
The certified and licensed car mechanic workshops offer New Car Warranty servicing along with additional services like roadside assistance. They hold the legal rights for car servicing and ensure your insurance coverage is followed and deem the car safe to run again on the roads of Lilydale.
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