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What are the 5 common mechanical problems of a car?

What are the 5 common mechanical problems of a car?

by Lilydale Motors 2020-01-29
Statistics says, most of the car accidents occur due to some small mistakes and negligence. People never want to pay attention on the small mechanical problems in their car. No matter the problem is how much small or big, preventive step should be taken to avoid any accident. Here are 5 common mechanical problems of your car.
Noisy engine
A car engine is quiet at normal condition. However, if you see that your car start producing a knocking, rattling or splattering sound then your engine is in trouble. An internal combustion or IC engine always requires the proper mixture of air and fuel to run smoothly. Misfire or improper mixture can create the noise issues in your engine. You should never avoid this kind of problem and take help from the car mechanics in Lilydale.
Faulty brakes
Brake is one of the major systems of the cars. If the system is not properly maintained, it will start creating some issues. According to the statistics, brake failure is the most common and frequent mechanical defect that leads to many road accidents. Though modern automobile braking systems like dual brake systems minimise the mechanical failure, problems may occur if you do not properly take care. Some common symptoms of a faulty brake system are loose pedal, producing unwanted noise, etc. Never drive your car with faulty brakes.
Blowout tires
Car tires blow out is another common car problem. This problem can be caused by many reasons such as worn-out tires,  under-inflated tires, bald tires, bulging tires, overloading, driving at a high speed and more. Apart from that, inappropriately aligned suspensions or faulty suspensions may result in blowout tires and lead to road accidents.
Faulty suspension and steering systems
Suspension and steering systems play an important role to drive the car smoothly on the roads. It they stop performing properly then you may face lots of problems. Faulty suspension and steering systems also cause major road accidents. To this mechanical failure, you should definitely take the preventive steps. Repair the suspension and steering system by professionals as early as possible.
Malfunctioning wipers 
Low driving visibility is another major cause of car accidents. Wipers help to see the road during extreme rain and snowfall. You never drive your car properly in rain without wipers. If the wipers stop functioning smoothly, the driving visibility will be hampered. So, repair your faulty wipers by the experienced car mechanics in Lilydale.
Nowadays, almost all cars are manufactured with modern technologies and by following the safety standards, but these mechanical faults or defects can be appeared if you are not aware. So, maintain your car properly.
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