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What Are the Common Automatic Transmission Problems?

What Are the Common Automatic Transmission Problems?

by Lilydale Motors 2020-06-29
The auto transmission system is the most complicated system in a car. Let's discuss some common & serious transmission problems.
The auto transmission system is one of the most critical systems in a car. So, it always needs proper attention & care for ensuring long-term operation. However, due to lack of maintenance, the auto transmission system starts creating some problems. In this article, we are going to discuss some common & serious transmission problems in your car.
Shaking & grinding sensation in gears
The automatic transmission of a car smoothly operates while shifting the gears. As the car owner, you never feel any shaking, slipping or grinding sensations while switching the gears. If you experience any jarring sensation when you shift the gears, the shaking & grinding problem is arisen. This can be a very serious problem if you do not pay attention to it. Contact an automobile or 4WD service centre in Lilydale as early as possible. They can easily solve the problem by using the right tools & techniques.
Making unwanted noise
If you hear humming, clunking or whining noise under the car suddenly, your car may have an e auto transmission issue. Though the problem is not serious, it is a warning sign that you should never ignore. The noises that produce from the auto transmission is generally caused by transmission fluid failure. The transmission fluid plays a major role. It helps to shift the mechanical gears smoothly. Over time, the fluid starts losing its functionality & performance. As a result, it stops working properly & the friction creates. Friction can badly damage your auto transmission system. To solve this problem, you have to replace the fluid with the help of professional car mechanics. 
Gear slipping
Gear slipping or transmission slipped is a serious issue faced by the many car owners in Lilydale. Slipping can be caused by the wear out gears. Over time the gears start wearing out. There are some major signs & symptoms of the gear slipping that you should consider. Signs of transmission slipping may appear in several forms. If your auto transmission system starts slipping, be aware of the following signs.
  • Engine chugs or revs
  • Harder gear shifting
  • Slow, delayed or weak acceleration
  • Difficulty switching gears
  • Burned or unwanted smells
  • Whining, grinding or clunking noises
Insufficient transmission fluid is mainly responsible for this problem. Apart from that, regular wear & tear, broken or damaged clutches, solenoid problems, burned or worn-out transmission fluid, torque converter issues, cracked or broken transmission bands can also cause gear slipping.
To repair these transmission problems, you should hire experienced car mechanics. If you don't know how to find a good car mechanic in Chirnside Park & Lilydale, you can ask your neighbours, friends & families. Good mechanics always provide the best service at a reasonable price.
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