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What are the Major Signs of Mass Air Flow Sensor Failure?

What are the Major Signs of Mass Air Flow Sensor Failure?

by Lilydale Motors 2021-11-25
The MAF or Mass Air Flow sensor is one of the essential components of the modern car fuel injection system. This sensor is mainly installed between the intake manifold of a car engine and the air filter. This is used to measure the amount of air entering the car engine. The MAF sensor always makes sure that the fuel-to-air ratio is perfect for the car to correctly function. However, dealing with a malfunctioning or worn-out mass airflow sensor is very disheartening. Let’s discuss the major signs of Mass Air Flow sensor failure.
Common signs of failure with a MAF sensor
Check engine light
According to the professional car mechanics in Lilydale, the engine light is the first sign of the MAF sensor failure. The light mainly indicates something is wrong with the MAF sensor. The issue may include the sensor is not working properly. This is essential to take the car to the experienced mechanic for a complete inspection and troubleshooting.
Black exhaust smoke
This is another major symptom that should be considered. If you notice that the exhaust system of your car is producing black smoke then it can be caused by an imbalanced Mass Air Flow sensor.
When this sensor starts creating problems, it can not get the right ratio & which may cause inadequate airflow. When it occurs, you may notice black smoke appearing.
Misfiring or rough Running
When the inadequate amount of airflow is passing through the car engine, it may lead to rough running or potential misfiring. This mainly occurs due to the imbalance where the powertrain can not know how much amount of fuel is needed to keep the car engine functional. This also may make an uneven combustion process resulting in these problems.
Difficulty Starting
Sometimes, it can be difficult to start a car engine due to the inadequate air-to-fuel ratio. This may cause the car to stop starting until the Mass Air Flow sensor is repaired. In case you face this kind of problem, call a qualified car repair shop near you for an early diagnosis.
The ratio is too rich
“Running rich” means the amount of fuel is excessive & the amount of airless in the combustion cylinders. Common symptoms that a car is running rich include:
• Black smoke-producing from tailpipe
• Lower fuel efficiency
• Rough idling
• Check Engine Light
The Mass Air Flow sensor problems are common. To check the MAF sensor problems, it’s better to call professional car mechanics near you. They will take necessary actions to fix the problems.
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