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How Often Should Brakes and Clutches Be Checked?

How Often Should Brakes and Clutches Be Checked?

by Lilydale Motors 2022-12-08

The safety aspect of your car belies in the brakes and clutches. A lot of car owners make the mistake of not getting the brakes and clutches checked unless the car undergoes a problem. Regular checking of the brakes and clutches rewards you with a safe ride while avoiding accidents.

Nowadays, the newer model cars are better reliable and go miles ahead compared to the older car models. Still, the necessary servicing to ensure the essential safety features of your car cannot be ignored. It could be that the car mechanics have diagnosed the brakes and clutches and found a grave issue. They are definitely to suggest brakes and clutch repairs for your car to be safe on the streets of Chirnside Park.

Why To Professionally Check The Braking System?

  • The tyres are to be maintained of correct air pressure. If necessary, they are to be replaced. The tyre quality and pressure affect the proper working procedure of the brakes.
  • Brake fluid needs regular checking and complete flush out every two years.
  • After every 80,000 kilometres on average, the brake pads are to be changed according to the car type. The owner's manual should be consulted for your car type's number.
  • Brake shoes are also to be changed for every four brake pads changed.

Why To Professionally Check the Clutches?

  • During their servitude, clutches undergo a fair amount of wear and tear. Clutches last longer on being properly serviced and used.
  • Checking and changing the clutch fluid regularly is a necessity after two years.
  • Clutches are not to be unnecessarily used. Using the clutches slows down the car, but slowing the car using the clutches continuously wears it out quickly. Rather, the brakes can be used.

Importance of Regular Brakes and Clutch Maintenance
Without fail, you will have to service your car after every six months. Any noises heard or any problem encountered regarding the car's performance in between times means it needs checking by the car mechanics.  They check all the safety features at the time of servicing your car. Once done, they place a service sticker inside the windshield that shows the date of the next due service.

  • Brake Maintenance

Brakes show the signs indicating it is time to change them. The issues arise in the form of locking, sticking and emitting noises. This means the brake pads are encountering faults or else the brake fluid is low. Measures are to be taken for regular brakes checking for them to operate at their best.

  • Clutch Maintenance

Maintaining the upkeep of clutches is highly a necessity.  Stress wears down the clutches daily. If the clutches are not completely pressed while changing the gears, then it stresses out both the gears and clutches. Clutches might burn if the gears are not changed when they should be. So, the clutch should be working in the best condition and in an ideal way so that there are no commuting issues.

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