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Warning Signs That Your Brakes and Clutches Are Unsafe

Warning Signs That Your Brakes and Clutches Are Unsafe

by Lilydale Motors 2021-08-30
In a commercial car or vehicle, the brake and clutch both are essential components that control the speed and provide a smooth driving experience. However, due to the lack of periodic maintenance and car servicing, these components may create a number of warning signs. In this blog, we will discuss some common signs and symptoms that a car brake and clutch need repairs in Lilydale.
Signs that your car brake needs repair
High-pitched or squealing noises
Getting high-pitched or squealing noise is one of the common warning signs that your car brake needs professional repair. It mainly occurs due to worn-out or damaged brake pads. High-pitched or squealing noises are extremely annoying. If you do not fix it quickly, it may lead to a major brake issue.
Many homeowners face unwanted vibration while braking. According to the professional car mechanics in Lilydale, vibration while applying brakes or shaking steering wheels is often a common sign of warped rotors. The uneven or warped rotors may start interfering with the braking system & creating unwanted vibrations.
Leaking fluid
Last but not the least, leaking brake fluid can be indicative that the master cylinder should be replaced or restored. The master cylinder is the heart of a braking system that allows brake fluid to pass through and it also controls the hydraulic pressure inside the brake lines. If the fluid starts leaking, you will be unable to stop your vehicle properly.
Signs that the clutch of your car needs repair
Unwanted shifting noise
While driving a vehicle like a truck or a car, you may get an unwanted or abnormal noise while pressing the clutch pad. According to professional car mechanics, any change in the shifting sounds of your vehicle could indicate a problem with the gears or clutch. If you hear humming, rumbling or wrenching sounds when you shift, the clutch can be worn out or obstructed partially. Replacing the worn-out components or cleaning the gearbox may solve this problem effectively.
Clutch stickiness
If the clutch pad of your vehicle becomes very hard to operate, you may have serious trouble shifting the gears that may lead to unwanted driving conditions. Clutch stickiness is a very common problem faced by many car owners. Stiffed clutch pedals need more pressure to move. This problem mainly occurs due to worn out belts & cables and fluid leaks. You have to hire a professional mechanic to recover this problem.
These signs are common and they can be fixed quickly. Proper repair and replacement help to keep your car brakes and clutch components extremely functional.
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