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How Can You Stay Safe This December and January While Going On With Your Holiday Driving?

How Can You Stay Safe This December and January While Going On With Your Holiday Driving?

by Lilydale Motors 2020-12-20
The end and the beginning of the year are when we tend to increase the expectations of our vehicles. As the festive season fills the air in Lilydale, everyone is bound to make trips to spend time with family, friends, attend concerts, school events, college fests, office parties, and much more. The number of cars down the roads of Lilydale, as well as, the riders trying to reach their destination increases for sure, and often it is much easy for the drivers to get distracted. These two months December and January in Lilydale present the citizens with difficult weather conditions accompanied by limited daylight. 
Nevertheless, when you follow the safety tips then you can reward yourself with safe and smart driving experiences for these two months. 
 Here are exceptional six ways, rather than the tips shared by the professional mechanics in Lilydale to keep everyone safe.
    i. Make sure to Plan Ahead
You need to make sure your vehicle is in absolutely good shape before you are taking it out for your trip. This is the foremost fact to make sure of, especially for the winter driving conditions. Before heading out to make sure the roads are absolutely safe for driving, surely check the weather. Do not ever forget to apply the Rain-x and always keep your car's wiper blades absolutely fresh. One of the great ideas is to keep a windshield scraper handy in your car.
    ii. Always Remain Alert and Stay Fresh
Before going out for a long drive, take good rest. A lot of attention is needed before driving and with a tired mind and body, you shall feel distracted as your mind will demand long hours of rest after you have driven for extended hours. Carefully plan your trip so you might share the timings and take periodic breaks for avoiding drowsy driving.
    iii. Be Careful to Watch Your Speed
Allow yourself to have a lot of time and distance so you might correctly react to your surrounding traffic. Since the vehicle speed at the time of winter is said to increase by 1%, so the chances of an accident by the driver go up by 2%. Likewise, the serious injury chances rise by 3% and the fatality chances go up by 4%. 
    iv. Make Sure to Drive Defensively
With the corporate spaces being closed, traffics increases during the holidays. Then the condition of the roadside during winter is likely to be frustrating. This is the time to give up the aggressive adventurous driver residing in you. Prioritize mass safety, who includes the members inside your own car and the others on the roadside. But there are many aggressive drivers, whom you should let pass. Or else, you might go through the intersection ahead for controlling the situation. 
    v. Give Up Driving Impaired
Drinking and driving can never go hand in hand. When you have planned to booze, then forgo driving. In that case, hire a professional driver for your own safety. If the professional drivers are not available, then either hire a taxi or book a ride service like Lyft or Uber.
    vi. Tactfully Avoid Distractions
Driving needs your full attention and your eyes need to be fixed on the roads. Do not try to read a text while driving unless you have actually stopped at a safe place. Take care not to fall into the "death due to accident" statistic these two months. 
Everyone wants to enjoy these festive months and cherish the New Year. Now to fulfill your parties and picnics with safety, it is necessary to drive safely keeping the tips the mechanics always stress on, especially for these two months. To get any needed repairs done to the cars, the mechanics are always available that will take a maximum of five days only if the issues are severe. But think if you meet with an accident, then you have to end up on the hospital bed maybe for more than ten days. So, gear up, follow the safety driving measures and abide by the roadside safety rules. 
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