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Steering & Suspension repairs

Steering & Suspension repairs

In any vehicle, the steering & suspension systems decrease braking distances, maintain contact between the road & the tyres, and also offer cornering stability. Issues with the two components generally manifest in the form of quick & irregular tyre wear, squeaks, longer stopping distances when braking or clunks over bumps and an overall sloppy feel. 
Problems in the steering and suspension area can also cause warning lights to appear on the dash and may affect the operation of other electronic safety systems such as anti locking brakes, difference in stability control operation, etc. 
But don’t worry, Lilydale Motors can competently handle all kinds of steering and suspension repairsincluding power steering leaks, springs, struts, bushes, ball joints, shock absorbers, steering racks, and more. Our mechanics would show you the right way to fix your suspension or steering system ideally. 
When you bring your vehicle to us, first we will test drive it in order to figure out the problems and then inspect it thoroughly for identifying the major causes of the issues. Prior to proceeding with the repairing task, we would inform you from top to bottom about what’s exactly wrong, and also provide an estimate of the expenses for the necessary fixes
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