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How Often and Why Should The Brakes and Clutches of Your Car Be Checked?

How Often and Why Should The Brakes and Clutches of Your Car Be Checked?

by Lilydale Motors 2023-04-12

A car's most important safety aspects are its brakes and clutches. Be an active and responsible car owner by regularly checking the car's brakes and clutches. Do not wait till the problem arises with these aspects. To ensure overall road safety and avoid accidents, your car's brakes and clutches should be regularly checked as a part of routine maintenance.

Newer cars are designed and built on advanced technology, so they are much more reliable. Depending on the speed and fuel, they can run longer miles. These cars require the least services compared to the older models. Nevertheless, you cannot avoid checking the essential safety features of your car. A thorough check will confirm your car needs brake and clutch repairs from a reputed car service centre in Lilydale.


Why Check The Braking System?

  • The tyres should be maintained with the correct air pressure. When necessary, the tyres should be replaced when they are running out of good condition.
  • The tyres' quality and pressure affect how the brakes are functioning.
  • Checking brake fluids regularly is compulsory. They must be flushed completely after every two years.
  • How often should the brake pads be changed is dependent on the car type. Every 80,000 kilometres is the average. You will have to consult the owner's manual for the number of your car type.
  • For every 4 brake pads changes, brake shoes should be changed. 

Why Check the Clutch?

Usually, the clutches have a fair amount of wear and tear as long as they last. The clutch lasts longer when used properly, serviced and repaired.

Clutch fluid needs regular checking. Even the clutch fluid should be regularly changed. Similar to the brakes, clutch fluids should be changed after every 2 years.

The clutch should not be unnecessarily used. Indeed using the car slows down the car, but continuous using is likely to make it wear out quickly. Instead, the brakes should be used. 

What About Regular Maintenance?

The ideal timeframe for servicing your car is 6 months. But if you have noticed the car is improperly running or noises are coming in between the times, then take it to the car service centre for being checked by the car mechanics. The car mechanics will check the safety features while servicing your car.

The car mechanic will place a service sticker inside the windshield to show the date when is the next car servicing due.  

So you must have got it by now. Using superior quality brakes and clutch fluid and parts is necessary. When the brake or clutch is emitting noises, like squeaking or chirping sounds, then send it to a car service centre to check immediately. A car's regular maintenance, especially the most important safety features are vital. 

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