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What Are The Major Components of a Car Cooling System?

What Are The Major Components of a Car Cooling System?

by Lilydale Motors 2019-11-29
A cooling system helps to keep a car engine cool. It has several components such as radiator, water pump, head gasket, freeze plug etc.
A cooling system helps to keep a car engine cool. In this system, a particular coolant is passed trough the engine block and its head. The coolant can absorb the heat from the car engine. The car cooling system is classified into several components. They are radiator, water pump, freeze plugs, head gasket, thermostat, hoses, cooling fan etc. All components work together and can be repaired easily. In Chirnside Park, many car repairing companies offer cooling system repairing services at low cost.
Radiator is one of the most important components of a car cooling system. It works as a heat exchanger. The radiator generally absorbs heat from the coolant (hot) which is passed through it. It is made of aluminium.
Water pump:
Water pump is one kind of centrifugal pump that is driven by a belt. This pump helps to send the coolant to the engine by using the centrifugal force. However, leak is a very common sign of this pump. Car mechanic in Lilydale, always suggests to repair any leak in the water pump. Otherwise many big problems will arise.
Freeze plugs:
Freeze plug is a brass or aluminium plug that is designed for sealing holes in the cylinder head and engine block. Sometimes, water can freeze or expand in the engine block. This plug helps to push out the freezing water from the block.
Head gasket:
Head gasket is another major part of the engine. It is generally placed between the cylinder head and engine block. The gasket can prevent oil and coolant from mixing as both fluids can travel through the engine block and cylinder head.
Thermostat can control the temperature of a car engine. This component is generally installed between the radiator and engine. Thermostat doesn't work at cooling condition. When the engine coolant starts warming up, the thermostat allows the coolant to go through the radiator. 
Hoses keep connected each component in the car cooling system. It is generally made of rubber. There are 2 types of hoses that are mostly found in cars. They are upper radiator hoses and lower radiator hoses. 
Electric cooling fan:
Last but not the least, cooling fan allows the air to pass through the radiator. When the car is stopped, this component generates a high amount of air flow that helps to cool down the engine temperature. 
However, many car-owners have faced many problems in their car cooling system like excess steam, overheating, coolant leakage. Fortunately, these problems have been solved easily. So, If you are facing such problems then consult with a mechanic in Mooroolbark as soon as possible.
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