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Why & How You Often You Should Change Car Oil?

Why & How You Often You Should Change Car Oil?

by Lilydale Motors 2023-10-30

To keep your car in top condition of your car, you must maintain the quality of the car. Maintenance doesn’t imply maintaining the car externally only. To keep the car in its best shape for a long time, you must maintain the car from within. The most vital component of your car’s maintenance is none other than the engine. Being one of the key parts of the car, it is vital to pay extra attention to maintain the car. This includes regular maintenance such as changing engine oil. Regular changing of engine oil helps to minimise trips to the automotive repair service in Lilydale. Here’s all you need to know about changing the engine oil of your car:

Why Engine Oil Is Important For Your Car?

Before we delve to understand why and how you must change the engine oil, here's all you need to know about the necessity of engine oil in your automobile. The engine in your car is the spirit that propels the vehicle forward. The engine burns the gasoline to produce energy that powers the vehicle. To keep the automobile going smoothly, all of the engineers' pieces must work together. This procedure generates a lot of friction and heat. When an automobile engine is not properly lubricated, friction occurs, affecting and wearing down the engine. The engine oil greases and lubricates the engine, preventing engine components from wearing down while the automobile engine is running. Thus, engine oil helps to keep your car working and minimises your trip to the automotive repair service centres here in Lilydale.

Why You Must Change Your Car’s Engine Oil?

Continuing from our previous point, since the car engine oil is so vital for your car’s engine, you may think why do you need to change it again and again? Here’s why you must change your car’s engine oil:

The car’s engine oil tends to get dirty with time. The presence of dirt and other particles that end up accumulating in the oil affects the quality of the oil to lubricate the automotive. If you don’t change the engine oil of your car, quickly you can see sludge building within your car’s engine. This will affect your car’s engine performance. Thus, with time you must change your car’s engine oil and with the help of an automotive repair service personnel here in Lilydale, you should also change the oil filters. 

How Many Times Should You Think Of Changing The Engine Oil:

When it comes to the general idea of changing the engine oil, you can adhere to the following concept that most automotive repair experts in Lilydale recommend. Depending on the type of engine oil that you had previously used - synthetic, semi-synthetic and conventional - here’s the schedule that you can follow:

Synthetic Oil - If you have used synthetic engine oil to lubricate your car’s engine, then usually after every six months or on an average of 6000 miles, you should change the engine oil.

Semi-Synthetic Oil - When it comes to the semi-synthetic engine oil variant to lubricate the car’s engine, you should look at changing your car’s engine oil either every five months or upon completing 5000 miles. 

Conventional Oil - After using conventional engine oil to grease the car’s engine you should be looking at changing the car’s engine oil after every 3 months or upon completing 3000 miles. 

This is how automotive repair experts in Lilydale recommend you to change your car’s engine oil. Regular changing of the car’s engine oil and oil filters helps to keep the car’s engine healthy. Thus, in the long term, you will have a well-maintained car that drives as smoothly as a new car.

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